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We have free introductory courses in most European languages!

Alphabet training tool

Learn the alphabets of Arabic, Georgian, Japanese, Modern Greek, Russian and soon more by recognising words, typing them in Latin letters, and getting immediate feedback..

Arabic Alphabet course

Learn all the letters of the Arabic alphabet in this course by Carl Kenner..

Introduction To Esperanto

Learn to tell where you are from, what you work or study, give compliments, greet people and understand how to use the accusative case and some basic Esperanto verbs. All from scratch..

Introduction To Japanese

Learn to read and speak your very first Japanese words, construct sentences and a lot more! This course is in a downloadable audio format, and it is made by Carl Kenner..

Introduction To Lithuanian

Learn to greet people, ask about them and introduce yourself. Also learn crucial Lithuanian sentences structures, two important verb categories and many basic verbs, such as "have", "must" or "want"..

Introduction To Norwegian

Learn the most important Norwegian verbs, the present, future tenses, the main greetings and their meanings, and some other useful vocabulary and structures. The course also shows how closely Norwegian is related to English..

Russian Alphabet course

Learn all the letters of the Russian alphabet, some useful pronunciation rules and vocabulary..

Introduction To Russian

Learn how to have an introductory conversation in Russian, to ask for directions, talk about yourself and other people, and how to find the Russian equivalents of English cognates..

Introduction To Swedish

Learn the most important Swedish verbs, three important tenses, some greetings and other vocabulary..

More on Our Old Website

We have more courses on our website, but they are not yet prepared in the new user-friendly format. You can still access them on our old labs..

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