Changes to I Kinda Like Languages!


There has been a bunch of changes to IKindaLikeLanguages. Here’s what I have done:

  1. Main page redesign and restructrurization:
    • centered the text layer
    • made the top menu narrower
    • added underlining for current pages in the menu
    • removed the feedback link from the menu
    • added an about page
    • replaced the main page with the courses list
    • added a new logo
    • added a favicon
    • improved the readability
  2. Minor changes in the courses page:
    • rewritten the broad descriptions
    • added a course count to every broad description
  3. Labs design and functioning:
    • made the menu narrower and less crowded
    • improved the courses page
    • added a toolbox on the right to access all functions:
    • edited the about page
    • fixed some page titles
    • improved the login page
    • added course comments
    • edited the user account options page

Before that, I have also made a 3 question survey to try to attempt to find out ways to improve the content on this site. Please do it if you still haven’t. 

Finally, these are just the beginning. I will be having some free time this month and I intend to change a lot. I still need to work on the design, I would also like to change the blog theme but I wasn’t able to find one that would look nice enough and have the main colors of the site (blue, white). I will still need to make pages more accessible, add extra functionality and so on.

Also I don’t want to give too much away but… expect new introductory courses!

Alright, if I have mentioned it… here are three introductory language courses that I am planning to make:

. Afrikaans!

.. Latvian!!

… Basque!!!

That’s far from the end…

Thank you for sticking with I Kinda Like Languages. :)

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  1. irek

    I see that the changes are moving in the right direction. I like it.

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