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    Thanks, that's a nice page and can really benefit people.

    However, he doesn't really seem to have a story about it.

    He has something like *a book* about it and he also writes a blog but I wasn't able to find an organized story about it (perhaps I'm missing something). That's why I am a bit reluctant to add the page to the list.

    Otherwise, it's cool if it stays in the comments and people can still benefit from it.

  2. Parrish777

    One thing about having a limited amount of time each day or week to learn a language is that it can force you to get down to the meat of the material. If you match that up with consistency (a long period of time) then your on the right track.

  3. ·

    I think all depend on how you learn the language and may be where you learn it

  4. Jack

    it all depend’s on how much you want it, if you want something so bad, you have to be obsessed with it and generally I think more credit goes to the one who learn’s through himself. 

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