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We have some updates on I Kinda Like Languages. What have I done? Here’s the list.

First and foremost, I now have a clear mission for the site: I want I Kinda Like Languages to be the place where you can find a course to learn the basics of any language. That’s where we’ll be heading and I’m excited as hell about it.

Second, I have gotten rid of side projects like wordea or quizzes on the site. While wordea seemed like an interesting idea to try and quizzes were supposed to be fun, none of these worked really well and, in any case, they do not go well with my new idea of the site and just act as distractors from the main purpose of the site. That’s why I pulled them completely.

Third, I have improved the design. I have made the menu more easy and with less elements. I have also found a new theme for the blog and modified it. I think the theme goes well with the design and even though I’d like to have my own theme eventually, this one should do for now.

Fourth, I have rewritten the introduction on the index page to remove lots of repetitive ambiguous talk and to make the mission of the site as clear as possible.

Fifth, I have started working on the blog: I have pulled the language learning tips and stories out of the site and put them on the blog and I want to keep putting interesting stuff here in the future. I have deleted the posts that didn’t add much at all from the blog and also wrote an about page. As I have already stated there, I intend the blog (and perhaps the forums) to be the only places on the site where no actual language learning takes place.

Sixth, I have made some improvements to Labs. I changed the menu so that it be consistent with that of the rest of the site. On the technical side, I have also added an ability to add descriptions to courses by editing them.

Seventh, I have finally finished the Russian alphabet course. It was much more work than I had imagined. Much much more. I still feel like I could improve it and I am willing to edit some things and make changes as long as I get feedback how to do it. Also, mistakes can still be there so it would be cool if you informed me if you spotted any.

Eighth and finally, I plan to toil to build this website. For now, I have come up with F5 which is just a contraction to First 5. Basically, F5 is a new goal that I have set for the beginning: have five developed courses (and by developed I mean ones that would give some serious foundations, if not complete ones) on this website as soon as possible. Where will these courses come from? Well, I hope people will help me creating them but if not, I am ready to make them myself. Do I have the skill? Well, I’ll get the skill. I think my knowledge is good enough to make courses of at least 3 languages (would be 4 if including English). Perhaps even 4. With some effort, I could get the number up to five as well. So, I hope people can help me get to F5 by making courses but if not, well, I’ll do this myself.

Five because it is a nice number and because I believe having five elaborate courses on the site could really get things started and could get me closer to the mission. I plan to start working on this site and dedicate, I figured, at least two hours a day to it. You would not see progress live every day because I would release the results of my work only every few days but I reckon it would still be huge progress. I want huge progress.

The only thing that I am afraid might stop me now is the human factor. I am human and humans are lazy and they tend not to keep up with their promises. This has happened to me a lot of times. Too many times. I do not want this to happen again. One thing that keeps me motivated is to know that somebody cares about what I am doing so if you are reading this and you like the mission of the site please write me a message and let me know. We now also have forums which you can use to discuss the courses and to help me (and hopefully other people who make them) make improvements. If you are following any of the courses, it would be cool if you could give feedback on them as well. Even if you don’t have much constructive ideas, just writing a message telling that you like the course helps a lot. Any contact helps. Being active helps others be active and gets the whole thing active.

Let’s make this happen.

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    Thanks, franoreilly. It seems that the design does not look good enough on all browsers. Looked good in mine when I was making it, though.

  2. franoreilly

    I like the new site design. Very fresh and clean looking. Good work and best of luck!

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    Thanks, franoreilly. It seems that the design does not look good enough on all browsers. Looked good in mine when I was making it, though.

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