About I Kinda Like Languages

In short, I kinda like languages is a website with full free introductory language courses for everyone without registration. Our language courses are inspired by the Socratic Method, the Michel Thomas Method, Code Academy and many others. They are made by volunteers and published upon approval.

Main principles behind our courses

  • Learning step by step - we introduce new things gradually and one by one. We seek to firstly give you very concrete practical examples or specific rules, and then to abstract from there to larger rules and patterns. The alternative would be us giving you grammatical tables, endings and rules without much context, and we do not like that.
  • Using mnemonics and repetition - we try to help you remember words and sentences by highlighting similarities between them and English, using various associations, and repeating them from time to time.
  • Practicing right away - a core principle in our courses is that you have to participate. We constantly ask you to apply the material you have learned by answering questions and constructing sentences in the language you are learning.
  • Focusing on core material - since our courses are short and limited, we try to focus on the really important stuff, on things that make a difference. What are they? Well, I made a post on what the basics of a language is a long time ago.

The best way to experience one of our courses is to take one. If you do not feel like learning a language right now, you can also have a look at our blog.