Bosley’s New Friends – Children Book in Japanese Review


I got my hands of the Japanese edition of the book Bosley’s New Friends by The Language Bear for the purpose of reviewing it. The book is very short, but it seems like an interesting way for children (and perhaps even adults) to learn Japanese: it uses simple phrases, has bilingual translations and uses lovely imagery. Here are some pictures of the book that I have taken:

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One feature I have liked is highlighted words. Each page has one or a couple of key words highlighted, making it easy to distinguish them in the Japanese and English texts. Sometimes the book even uses a few colors in the same passage to highlight such words. A clever idea.

Most of all, the book has pictures, making it fun to read. The pictures are often labeled as well, and that helps you internalize vocabulary.

Reading books is an underrated way to learn languages. Bosley’s New Friends is doing well trying to change it.

One thing that would add to your child’s experience of reading the book is having audio, but then you could always read this to your children.

All in all, if you’re looking to teach your children Japanese or if perhaps you’re learning it yourself and just starting out, do check this book out on the Language Bear. They have other similar books too!

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