Differences between ar and arba in Lithuanian

These two words are different, so let’s talk about the differences (or: skirtumas tarp ar ir arba lietuvių kalboje).


  1. Arba denotes things that exclude each other, similar to either, or. E.g. either you go or we will force you – arba eini, arba tave priversime.
  2. Arba refers to an alternative name for something: E.g. a state, or a country in which you live. Šalis arba valstybė, kurioje gyveni.
  3. Not used in questions.


  1. Is used in front of a yes/no question. For example: Ar tau patinka ši vieta? Do you like this place?
  2. In the place of ‘whether’: tell me whether he is coming – pasakyk, ar jis atvyksta.
  3. In a non-exclusive choice: I want this or that or that other thing – aš norėčiau šito, ar šito, ar šito.
  4. [It can be used interchangably with arba for things that exclude each other sometimes – confusing, I know.]

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