Do You Read These 7 Language Blogs?

Since I became interested in making this site and this blog, I have looked at what quite a lot of other bloggers are doing. I have grown to like some of the blogs and I have subscribed to quite a few of them. I thought I would list some of the blogs I am subscribed to and provide short descriptions of them.

I will not list all of the blogs on my list now because that would be too large of a number but I decided I would pick 7 of them (just because it’s a nice and convenient number) and list them here in alphabetical order. If somebody finds use in it, maybe I could do another list later.

The Seven Language Blogs

37 Languages – this blog is by a guy named Keith who suddenly decided to try out 37 languages by learning all of them for a bit and trying to find the perfect one for him. He provides some interesting descriptions of languages as well as resources he used to learn them. It is clear that Keith likes what he is doing and so there are some very interesting posts on his blog.

Aspiring Polyglot – the blog is written by a girl who also likes languages. From what I could deduce, she speaks fluent Spanish, has learnt Chinese, has studied in the UK and now lives in the Netherlands and speaks Dutch. There are a lot of links to other resources interviews and other information on the blog and it is updated pretty regularily.

Confessions of a Language Addict – this is a blog by another language lover who also has a somewhat unusual choice of languages he likes to study: he studies Latin, Breton and Uzbek (a nice introductory course of which he has also done in the labs). Apparently he just studies languages purely voluntarily so he can keep it about what he is really interested in and therefore interesting to him and thus to people who are like him and also like languages and that whole spirit, I think, is reflected on his blog.

Corcaighist – this guy writes some about and in Irish Gaelic and Estonian and also about linguistics and life. His blog is filled with stories from his own life which sometimes include seemingly unusual events and his thoughts and wonderings, all of which actually make the blog more personal, and, I’d argue, probably more interesting.

Fluent in 3 Months – this guy lives location-independetly and also he sets up goals for himself which he documents on his new blog. His first goal was to learn Czech in 3 months and now when he has fallen short of it, he’s gonna be trying to learn to pass for a native in Brazil in the next 3 months. He also speaks quite a few other languages (8, I think).

Page F30 – this guy keeps a blog on a great range of topics, from astronomy to geography including, of course, languages. He writes a lot and one can learn heaps and bounds from the posts so I follow all of the news in the blog in my feed reader. It is also amazing how he can keep up with such a big amount of topics. There are a lot of really interesting posts that you couldn’t find anywhere else in the blog as well, for example, I enjoyed the ones about Kalmykia, understanding countries through maps and through population density and even why Norwegian is an easy language to learn and these were just a few examples of the immense collection.

The Linguist Blogger
– this blog had been silent for a year but it seems to be showing signs of new activity with a few big recent blogposts and the author telling he will be getting back to it to some extent. The blog had a lot of intreviews with polyglots, videos and interesting stories such as this one. Until the blog gets revived, the major attraction in it are still its vast archives which can be a goldmine for people interested in polyglothy and languages.

What are yours?

I tried to list some of the blogs that are not found so easily by simply googling for language blogs. There are still a lot of other blogs I am subscribed to. Did you like this list? Do you think I should make another one?

Also, what are some of the language blogs you follow? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Great post, thanks! Always nice to find new things to read! Nic at crosslingo

  2. Thanks for the mention! I just found your blog. Looks interesting. I'll stay around and check it out further. Just wanted to comment to say thanks for your interest!

  3. I do like learn languages, so i think i’ll get my blog soon too and then will send you the link to it! So far Im getting crazy about Chinese!!!

  4. Well, post it on the comments here! Good luck with Chinese.

  5. I follow Kim Taes blog! It talks generally about learning languages, as well as extensive courses in Japanese and some nice stuff in Chinese, and just comparing languages in general. Etc

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