Language Transfer: feels like rediscovering Michel Thomas again, but better!


I’ve been listening to the Turkish course by Language Transfer, and I must say it’s really well though out. It reminds me of courses in the Michel Thomas method, but it’s visibly audibly improved beyond that:

  1. the pace is a lot quicker (which is a clear positive)
  2. there are fewer mistakes made by the people in the audio
  3. most importantly, one can also sense there’s an underlying structure beyond the course that was only sometimes present in similar Michel Thomas method courses.

That was especially visible as I also listened to their course for Arabic, which I have also learned in the Michel Thomas Method. While Language Transfer covered, in absolute terms, less than the Michel Thomas Arabic course did (for example, no present tense verbs, less vocabulary), it did so in a surprisingly shorter time than the Michel Thomas Method course took. Moreover, Language Transfer explained things like word origins much more clearly, as Michel Thomas method had not in some places (for example, where words like ‘giden’ or ‘min faDlak’ come from), and it just made clearer connections within the language. (Edit: it is also worth noting that, as pointed out by the author of the courses, the Language Transfer course is only introductory rather than a complete one).

It is no secret that we have been trying to do something similar with our introductory courses, but we use text (except for our Japanese course by Carl Kenner) and we are mostly intended for beginners, whereas Language Transfer has been doing it in a more though-out, sustained and thorough way, and is therefore like a breath of fresh air in the language learning world. Recommended!

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