For Russian practice, check out Russian Blog


I have written about how to learn Russian on your own, and how to do so with Russian bilingual translations in Interlinear. Currently, there’s a new resource that I want to talk about: the Russian Blog.

The Russian blog is run by Irina, who is an expert on Russian teaching and has even written a creative textbook on it – called Русский сувенир. The interesting part about the book is that it keeps grammar to the minimum, and includes lots of exercises or games which elicit learners’ creativity and make the whole learning process fun. The package includes a student’s book, a teacher’s book and an audio disk – and five more courses are to be made in the future (by the way, you can get her book here).

The website Russian Blog itself includes lots of parts useful to Russian learners: pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary guides, etc. It attempts to introduce to you very down-to-earth situations which you could actually find yourself in if you went to Russia or met Russian speakers, and it makes you think about the language in a creative way. Currently, it even organizes competitions where you can win all sorts of goodies for your Russian. The website is worth checking out for any learner of Russian – just navigate to

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