How To Learn Japanese

I have not learned Japanese very well so I’ll just give you some ideas.

First, start with the Carl Kenner’s Japanese audio course. Only half of if is finished so you won’t learn all you need to but chances are, you’ll find the course awesome. He uses audio and flashcards along with mnemonics to teach you basic Japanese.

Next, if you want to learn Kanji, a lot of people really like this book written by Heisig. If you can get it for free, try it and see if it works out for you. I haven’t really tried it except for a few Kanji and I found it to be okay but I am not sure if it’s fun for lots of them as well.

You can also try listening It’s a podcast that teaches you Japanese. I really liked it at some point but now it’s gone a bit too commercial for my taste. It used to be fun, especially at the beginning when they hadn’t gone commercial. I suggest you get their early series (back in 2006/early 2007) for listening pleasure. For advanced practice, you could get their advanced lessons which are only in Japanese.

  • For an online dictionary, you can use Denshi Jisho.
  • That’s all I know of. There surely are heaps and bounds of resources for learning Japanese online and offline but I haven’t really tested any of them so I’ll leave it here. Hopefully I’ll update this page later. If you have any advice about Japanese learning or this section, write in the comments. The more options, the merrier.

    A short summary of my recommendations.

    • Get and do Carl Kenner – Japanese. It’s free and you can get it from here.
    • Try getting this Kanji book and do a certain amount of Kanji to see if you like it and you could carry on working with it.
    • Try JapanesePod101 and see if it works for you. Try earlier lessons.
    • For an online dictionary, you can use Denshi Jisho.

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