New Language! Guess Which One?


Hello everybody!

So, I am back I will be having another language learning challenge! I’m (very likely now) going to move to another country for the summer and I’m going to be learning the language of that country. In fact, I have already started learning that language by doing lessons and even attempting to read in it. So far, so good.

I’m going to let you guys try to guess which language it is going to be this time in the comments. I will do this because I think it might be fun, and I’m also interested to see how many people will still be reading this.

So far, I’m only going to tell you that it is one language I have little to none experience in, although I have read some articles about it in the past and I might have tried learning it for a day or two but nothing serious. In any case, I am excited.

So, what’s your guess?

Answer: the guessing game is over, Kaur Alasoo guessed it. Explanatory post upcoming.

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  1. Dylrocks

    Gotta go with the one i’m learning…..Icelandic!

  2. ·

    Yup, you got it! 

    How did you know? :)

  3. ·

    Nah, it’s going to be Swedish. A little bit similar, though.

  4. ·

    Hey, a different language group but the countries are close. It’s gonna be Swedish, actually.

  5. ·

    I’m hoping that guess wasn’t influenced by the Kony 2012 campaign.

    I’d love to learn Swahili but a trip to Africa would be too expensive at the moment.

  6. ·

    Awesome, thanks for following the blog! 

    Me too, I’m looking forward! Thing is, I’m not going to be able to post or learn much in March since I’ll be very busy for the rest of the month but otherwise, yeah, should be fun. :)

  7. Ninashpina

    hungarian?? ;)

  8. ·

    You’re too late. It was already guessed by Kaur Alasoo and the answer is already given in my next post.

  9. ·

    Well you said that it is either similar to Swahili or Icelandic. I do not know anything about Swahili, but Icelandic is a Scandinavian language and the most widely spoken of them is Swedish. So this is what I guessed :)

  10. ·

    Yup, I didn’t want to tip it off so easily so I said that “one was very far and so the other was a lot closer” but I guess by reading, people naturally skip the word “so” and then it becomes easy.

  11. ·

    Thanks! I won’t be posting in March but then I expect some in April.

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