We relaunch with a new design and improved courses!


A long time ago, I Kinda Like Languages was started as a hobby website about languages. I then started adding language courses, and then I calmed down.

Many years later, I am remaking this website and repurposing our language courses. My goal is to make this the best online resource with immediately and freely available introductory courses to many languages. In other words, this is for people who like learning a bit of many languages, and also for people who are starting out in learning a language and need initial guidance.

Here are some of the changes:

  • free intreactive language courses: we have changed completely the format of our language courses, so that you will get everything in a much more interactive fashion; moreover, the content of many of the courses is revised and updated, and you will also get audio in most of them; check out the courses list.
  • new website design: we have updated the theme of the website and cleaned it up significantly;
  • new blog design: the blog also has a new design, and it has been cleaned of the vast majority of spam comments;
  • new about page: you can now read about I Kinda Like Languages in a much more organised way;
  • new tests page: ages ago, I had made language tests, which were inspired by the Hungarian polyglot Dr. Kató Lomb (see my blogpost about it); you can now take those tests on a redesigned page.

Check out some of the images from the new website:

If this goes well, more changes will be coming soon.

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