Attention: to enhance your Japanese learning we suggest you use CoolJugator: a Japanese verb conjugator. You can also learn Japanese by reading a book.

Free Interactive Japanese Audio Course

This is a free Japanese audio course which was made by Carl Kenner. It is intended for absolute beginners wanting to learn how to speak and write Japanese. It goes in a step-by-step fashion where no previous knowledge of Japanese is needed and you simply follow along learning one thing at a time.

This course teaches you some Japanese from absolute zero. It teaches you basic Japanese grammar, Higarana (one of the Japanese alphabets) and some Kanji (symbols in the Japanese writing system).

You can click to download Discs 1, 2, 3, 4 (211 MB).

This course was inspired by Michel Thomas and it is similar to the Michel Thomas Method. However, it is faster in pace and also includes extra features, such as reference to printed materials in order to teach you writing. Please note, however, that this course is unfinished: it includes 4 CDs.

We received permission Carl Kenner to host this course on this website. I also thank Fraggle for putting all of this together and organizing it.

Instructions for use

To learn Japanese with this audio course, do as follows:

  1. Download and unarchive it.
  2. Open the .pdf format files and prepare to read them while taking the course: either print all the pages out using your printer, load them on your tablet or your computer screen.
  3. Prepare a pen and a piece of paper.
  4. Load all the mp3 files on your computer, or better yet upload all the files to your phone or other digital audio player.
  5. Listen to all the files in turn. If needed, pause the recording, and answer questions how to say things in Japanese out loud. When needed, write the characters on the sheet of paper.

Good luck!