What is the Labs?

Project Labs (laboratories) is part of I kinda like Languages which is about everyone (including you) becoming a language learner and a teacher. Labs is where our courses are made. Then the best and the most complete of those courses are selected and linked to on the main page of the main site.

Is the Labs for ME?

The Labs can be for a lot of people. More importantly, it can be for you if:

  1. you want to learn new languages - then check out the courses section
  2. you want to teach languages - then register and you too will be able to make courses in the labs

How do I make courses?

Once you log in you can go to your user area where you have the ability to make them. The 5 simple editing rules that you need to know in order to make a course are explained on this page.

Here are the main principles that we encourage courses in the Labs to be based on:

This need not sound complicated. Taking a look at a few courses may give you a feeling of what we mean by all of this and you will be able to reproduce this. We are still just learning how to make courses in the labs. Mistakes are allowed and they are welcome. This is why it's called the labs.

Finally, we do not want to have courses done all in the same way. Express yourself. Make your personality reflect in them. That makes the courses just so much more interesting.

How do I find courses on the Labs?

You can find labs' courses on this page. Please note that unlike courses linked to on the main site, those in the labs might be not be as accurate, complete or polished. In exchange for that, you get to see all the new courses and all the courses that are not big enough to make it to the main site.