Introduction to Italian: Lesson 1

The Italian word for is is è.

The Italian word for well is bene.

You can find this in the English word benefit which comes from Latin bene facere or to do good. So, if you get a benefit, you get something done good for you.

If you want to say that it is good in Italian, you say it is well. You don’t use the word for it either so it just becomes is well. Say that:

?It is good.|È bene.

The Italian word for not is non.

You have this non in English as well as part of words such as noncompliance or nonwhatever. Non always comes in front of words that it makes negative so if you want to say is not you say not is in Italian. How would you say:

?It is not good.|Non è bene.


Italian for am (as in I am) is sono.

If you are, you are usually something. For example, the word for Italian is almost the same in Italian but it gets an o in the end. Guess how you say "Italian".


If you say I am you just usually skip I and say am. Say:

?I am Italian.|Sono italiano.

Guess how you would say:

?I am American.|Sono americano.

However, these words that end with o don’t work when you start describing things that are female.

To describe feminine things, you change the o in the end to a.

For example, if you are a woman, you mustn’t say I’m italiano but italiana.

Say as a woman:

?I’m not American.|Non sono americana.

Italian for you are is sei.

This is the informal version for you are. You say it to young people and friends and people that you meet while traveling and stuff. We will be always talking as a man unless I specify otherwise. You skip you as well. Say:

?You are Italian.|Sei italiano.

If you want to ask, you just say it as a statement and raise your intonation just like you do in English. Ask:

?Are you American?|Sei americano?

I love this next word that’s why I just have to introduce it in this lesson:

Italian for where is dove.

How would you ask:

?Where are you?|Dove sei?

Same for this next word:

Italian word for of is di.

When Italians want to ask where you are from, they would say of where you are meaning of what place, of what origin you are. So, say that:

?Where are you from?|Di dove sei?

And answer that:

?I am Italian.|Sono italiano.

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