Introduction to French: Lesson 2

The French word for France is France.

The word for French comes from the word France.

?French for French is français.

You have this cedilla (¸) sign below c to make sure that it is pronounced s like in instead of k (as in facade versus a car).

It is pronounced like françé with that é from fiancé because the combination ai give you the sound é. and you only pronounce up to the last vowel so you don’t pronounce that s.

How would you then say:

?You are French.|Tu es français.

French for he is il.

French for speaks is parle.

You have plenty of words in English with the same root, such as parol, parley or parole. How would you say:

?He speaks French.|Il parle français.

Sometimes with the names of languages you would say add the French article the:

The is le in French.

So, if you were to say he speaks the French, you would say:

?He speaks (the) French.|Il parle le français.

In languages, especially if it’s French, you sometimes don’t say that le but we will be saying it for good practice. In general, the French like to put the in front of a lot of words.

If you want to say you speak, the rule of adding s to the form for he applies. Say:

?You speak (the) French.|Tu parles le français.

Actually, parles is pronounced the same way as parle because you do only pronounce words up to the last vowel, remember.

French for English is anglais.

You will be saying the English which would be le anglais but it becomes l’anglais due to that same contraction that we have talked obout. Say:

?He speaks English.|Il parle l’anglais.

French for but is mais.

It is pronounced mé (because ai makes that sound just like in français). Write:

?He speaks English but he doesn’t speak French.|Il parle l’anglais mais il ne parle pas le français.

The French word for I is je.

This j is pronounced like in pleasure. You probably know the famous French je t’aime which means I love you. This je means I.

When you have these e-ending words in his form (like parle or aime), you have the same form for I. So, how would you say:

?I speak French.|Je parle le français.

So, as I have already told you, aime which means love is the same. You could say:

?I love English.|J’aime l’anglais.

Which is an arrogant thing to say so you would probably fit in well in Paris (just kidding).

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