Dilemmas of Loyalty: Lesson 2

Is Patriotism a virtue?

“Do citizens have obligations to one another that go beyond the duties they have to other people in the world? And if they do, can these obligations be accounted for on the basis of consent alone” (228)?

A communitarian uses the 3rd category of obligation that doesn’t use consent at all. Obligations of solidarity are particular, yet don’t require actual consent.

?Limiting immigration uses what category of moral responsibility?|obligations of solidarity

A flawed argument of limiting immigration raises the fear of protecting privileges of affluent nations.

?Why is this argument flawed?|the accident of birth is no basis for entitlement

An argument that begs the question raises the issue of jobs being taken away from low-skilled workers.

“Why should we protect our own most vulnerable workers if it means denying job opportunities to people form Mexico who are even less well-off” (232)?

?If you feel any hesitation whatsoever for open immigration, then the 3rd obligation of solidarity is used. What does the obligation of solidarity depend on?|narrative conception of personhood

?If you believe that patriotism has a moral basis, what obligation must you rely on?|obligations of solidarity

?Can obligations of solidarity be reduced to consent?|no

Is Solidarity a prejudice for our own kind?

Sandel says that solidarity points outward to people who were wronged in the past my own’s community or nation.

?”Making __________ for my country’s past wrongs is one way of affirming my alliance to it” (234).|amends

?What two grounds were used in opposition to the Vietnam War?|the war was unjust, the war was unworthy of American

?Could a Swede feel ashamed of the Vietnam War?|no

?What two sentiments are part of a shared identity?|pride and shame

Can Loyalty override universal moral principles?

?Sandel thinks loyalty is which one, sentiment or virtue?|virtue

?”To have character is to live in recognition of one’s _______________” (237).|encumbrances

?If all our obligations are based on consent or natural duties, then can we have a meaningful discussion on loyalty?|no

Justice and the Good Life

?Does Sandel rely on our encumbrances for the communitarian’s moral force?|yes

Freedom is downplayed if the narrative account of personhood is established. What’s also at stake is justice.

?How do Kant and Rawls think about justice?|the right is prior to the good

?Does Sandel to bring conception of the good life into pubic discourse?|yes

?Why?|”A politics emptied of substantive moral engagement makes for an impoverished civic life” (243).