Korean Alphabet: Lesson 1

The Korean alphabet is one of the simplest alphabets you could learn. It’s hands down of the easiest Asian alphabets and it takes just a few sittings to learn it completely. Let’s start.

The Korean letter B is the same as the Western one except it’s missing its top:

Then the letter I is also the same (I kid you not). Look:

Now Koreans write in syllables (combinations of letters) instead of just simple letters. If, for example, you want to write bi, you don’t write two separate letters but you fit both of them in a small square box. Try that:

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Your answer:

M looks like a mouth

R looks like 2 (or S) and looks like r (it has two possiblities: L and R, so the number two)


g ir n - i dunno (loke J backwords)

o dunno

0 - placeholder or ng

d looks like c or like d without the |

s - no idea yet (ON THE TEETH - looks like a tooth)