Introductory Komi: Lesson 1

Disclaimer! I do not speak Komi very well, because it’s a rather difficult language and I’ve only studied it for about a year, but with a little help from dictionaries and grammar books I can create a lesson or a few about the very basics of the language. If you think about learning the Komi language more seriously, please consult a more reliable source.


The Komi language does not differ between genders when it comes to pronouns - it means that the same word is used for both he and she. That word is сійӧ.

The word for lives, as in lives somewhere, is олӧ.

The word for here is тані.

So, how would you say he lives here or she lives here?

?he/she lives here|сійӧ олӧ тані

The word for there is сэні

How would you say he lives there or she lives there?

?he/she lives there|сійӧ олӧ сэні