Introduction to Hungarian: Lesson 1

This is a course for Hungarian.

Since Hungarian is a genderless language like Turkish and Finnish, ő is the word for both he and she.

The word for he, she and it (personal pronoun) is ő.

The word for doctor is orvos.

The word for grape is szőlő.

In Hungarian, there are two articles. Articles are very easy to learn.

The article of the word is a if the word starts with a consonant.

The article of the word is az if the word starts with a vowel.

Try to find their articles.

?the doctor|az orvos

?the grape|a szőlő

Let’s try.

?he is a doctor|ő orvos

The word for this, that and it is ez.

ő is used for subjects, ez is used for objects.

The word for a and an is egy.

The word egy also means one.

The word for table is asztal.

Let’s try.

?this is a table|ez egy asztal

The word for here is itt.

this table is ez az asztal.

?this table is here|ez az asztal itt van