Introduction to Ukrainian: Lesson 1

This is a course of Ukrainian, heavily based on Russian.

The word for I is я.

The word for it is це.

Let’s try.

?It is me|Це я

The word for Ukraine is Україна.

?It is Ukraine|Це Україна

The word for from is з.

The letter а in Україна changes into и.

?I’m from Ukraine|Я з України

The word for England is Англія.

The letter я in Англія changes into ї.

?I’m from England|Я з Англії

The word America is Америка.

?I’m from America|Я з Америки

The word for informal you is ти.

?You’re from England|Ти з Англії

?Are you from Ukraine?|Ти з України?

The word for where from (literally from where) is звідки.

?Where are you from?|Звідки ти?

Answer the question.

?I’m from Ukraine|Я з України.

The word for no is ні and the word for not is не.

?It is not from England|Це не з Англії

Finally say:

?I am not from Ukraine|Я не з України

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