Introduction to Luxembourgish: Lesson 6

Lesson Six (Sechs) - Pronouns

So far, you’ve learned Ech and you’ve learned how to say Tall but you haven’t learned how to describe yourself as it.

The word am is sinn

?I am tall|Ech sinn grouss

But how do you describe someone else?

The phrase You are is Du bass

?You are a donkey|Du bass en Iesen

She is Si

He is Hien

We is Mir

Just like in other Germanic languages, "they" and "she" are the same word. (Zij / Zij in Dutch) (Sie / Sie in German)

So, They is Si

If you can remember that the words The man is are De Mann ass, you might realise that Are are is kinda similar.

The phrase you are is du bass

?You are tall|Du bass grouss

This works for singular but pl. you are is dir sidd

You say hien ass and si ass but if you’re saying they are, the phrase is si sinn

to have is hunn

?I have|Ech hunn

you have (sg.) is du hues

?You have a donkey|Du hues en Iesen

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