Introduction to Uyghur: Lesson 1


In Uyghur, every letter is written. Let’s take a look at the Latin and Arabic scripts.

In Ereb Yéziqi (Arabic script), vowels can’t be written alone in the beginning of the word, so we need a supporting letter ye hamza (ئ). Two vowels can’t be written together either, so we need to put a ئ between the two vowels. And in Latin Yéziqi (Latin script), نگ is written "n’g" in order to prevent the confusion with ng (ڭ).

a - ا

b - ب

ch - چ

d - د

e - ە

é - ې

f - ف

g - گ

gh - غ

h - ھ

x - خ

i - ى

j - ج

k - ك

q - ق

l - ل

m - م

n - ن

ng - ڭ

o - و

ö - ۆ

p - پ

r - ر

s - س

sh - ش

t - ت

u - ۇ

ü - ۈ

w - ۋ

y - ي

z - ز

zh - ژ

Let’s write some words to convert into Ereb Yéziqi.





And now let’s write some words to convert into Latin Yéziqi.





Words in this lesson

Uyghurche = Uyghur (language)

naxsha = song

qulaq = ear

ayal = woman

Xenzuche = Chinese (language)

Junggo = China

adem = person

méning = my

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