Occidental for English Speakers: Lesson 1

Welcome to the Occidental for English Speakers course!

In this course, you will learn how to have a conversation in Occidental.

Let’s first learn the very common question "What are you doing?"

The word for what is quo.

The word for you is tu.

Verb conjugation is simple in Occidental. An infinitive is a verb with an -r on the end. Infinitives mean "to ___".

The verb for to do or to make is far.

So, if you remove the final -r, it means do or does.

?you do|tu fa

In English, we often using verbs with -ing on the end. Instead of "you do ___", we saying things like "you are doing ___".

In Occidental, it is very normal to simply say "you do ___". So instead of asking "What are you doing" we will ask "What you do".

?What are you doing|Quo tu fa

The word for I is yo

The verb for to eat is manjar

Reply to the question with "I am eating". Remember that we can simply say "I eat".

?I am eating|Yo manja

The word for it is it

The word for is and are is es

Basically English!

The word for true is ver

Think of English words like verify, veracity, and verification.

?It is true|It es ver

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