Volapük for English Speakers: Lesson 1


"I want" in Volapük is vilob

Think of "will" as in "I have the will to do it"! That’s like "vil". If you want it, then you have a "vil" for it.

"to eat" is fidön

Think of the English word "feed".

?I want to eat|vilob fidön

"You want" is vilol

Notice that the ending has changed. In Volapük, the pronouns are put on the ends of the verbs. So it’s literally like "want-I" and "want-you".

?You want to eat|vilol fidön

"To want" is vilön

Notice that both "to want" and "to eat" have the same ön ending. We can literally think of this like "want-to" and "eat-to".

?I want to want|vilob vilön