Introduction to Spanish: Lesson 1

The Spanish word for is is es.
The Spanish word for good is bueno.

To say it is good, you just skip it and say is good. How do you say that?

1 translation: It is good.

The Spanish word for very is muy.

How would you say:

2 translation: It is very good.

The Spanish word for not is no.

It is the same as the word for no (duh).

No comes in front of words that it negates so if you want to say is not you say not is. How do you say:

3 translation: It is not very good.

Spanish for Spanish is español.

You must know this word because it just super makes sense.

This ñ is pronounced by adding n from night and y from yet together and saying them fast. Nothing fancy.

How would you say:

4 translation: It is Spanish.

Spanish for I am is soy.

You can skip the word for I (which is by the way yo) in I am and just say soy.

Thus you can say:

5 translation: I am not Spanish.

If you wanted to say Italian, you would simply take the English word Italian and add o. How would you say:

6 translation: I am Italian.

Same for American. Say:

7 translation: I am American.

The informal Spanish form for you is tu.

You talk to tu a lot of times because Spanish speakers like to talk to each other informally. You would not say it while doing business or something but otherwise you use this tu form. In this short course we will only be learning this form because it will allow you to speak in a lot of situations.

Spanish for are (as in you are) is eres.

You can skip saying tu in most cases because it is clear from the word ending who you are talking to. If you are asking a question, you just say it as if you were saying a statement and just rise your intonation In writing, you also put an inverted question sign (¿) in front of the sentence when you are asking questions. How do you go about saying:

8 translation: Are you Spanish?

As you know, the word for not which is no is also the word for no (duh). How do you say:

9 translation: No, I am American.

Which wraps up our first lesson.

Answers to Lesson 1

1 answer: Es bueno.
2 answer: Es muy bueno.
3 answer: No es muy bueno.
4 answer: Es español.
5 answer: No soy español.
6 answer: Soy italiano.
7 answer: Soy americano.
8 answer: ¿Eres español?
9 answer: No, soy americano.