Introduction to Turkish: Lesson 2

We're now teaching you the adjectives.

Did you remember is, this, table, chair and not?

The word for long is uzun.

Let's try.

1 translation: this table is long

And let's try the negative.

2 translation: this table is not long


Forming plurals in Turkish is very easy.

-lar = if the word's last vowel is A, I, O or U. -ler = if the word's last vowel is E, İ, Ö or Ü.
The word for these is bunlar.

Let's try.

3 translation: these are tables

The word for that is şu.
The word for those is şunlar.

Let's try.

4 translation: that is a table

5 translation: that is not a table

6 translation: those are chairs

7 translation: those are not chairs

Answers to Lesson 2

1 answer: bu masa uzundur
2 answer: bu masa uzun değildir
3 answer: bunlar masalardır
4 answer: şu bir masadır
5 answer: şu bir masa değildir
6 answer: şunlar sandalyelerdir
7 answer: şunlar sandalyeler değildir