Introduction to Turkish: Lesson 3


The word for good is iyi.

Remember the word is.

Let’s try.

1 translation: this table is good

2 translation: this table is not good

The word for he, she and it is o.
The word for man is adam.
The word for woman is kadın.

Let’s try.

3 translation: he is a man

4 translation: she is a woman

Let’s return to Adjectives again.

The word for beautiful is güzel.
The word for handsome is yakışıklı.
o adam and şu adam both means that man.

Let’s try (using o instead of şu)

5 translation: that man is handsome

6 translation: that woman is beautiful

And now, use şu instead of o.

7 translation: that man is not handsome

8 translation: that woman is not beautiful

Answers to Lesson 3

1 answer: bu masa iyidir
2 answer: bu masa iyi değildir
3 answer: o bir adamdır
4 answer: o bir kadındır
5 answer: o adam yakışıklıdır
6 answer: o kadın güzeldir
7 answer: şu adam yakışıklı değildir
8 answer: şu kadın güzel değildir