Introduction to Ukrainian: Lesson 2

You had country names like Україна and Англія.

The word for Ukrainian is український.
The word for English is англійський.
The word for language is мова.

The ий in український changes into а, since мова is a feminine noun.

1 translation: the Ukrainian language

2 translation: the English language

You change the ий in український saying in Ukrainian.

3 translation: in Ukrainian

4 translation: in English

The word for to speak is говорити.

To make to speak into I speak you replace the ending (и)ти with ю.

5 translation: I speak Ukrainian

6 translation: I do not speak English

Let’s learn another word.

The word for to understand is розуміти.

7 translation: I understand the Ukrainian language

8 translation: I understand English

The word for yes is так.
The word for and is і.

9 translation: Yes, I speak and understand the English language

Answers to Lesson 2

1 answer: українська мова
2 answer: англійська мова
3 answer: українською
4 answer: англійською
5 answer: Я говорю українською
6 answer: Я не говорю англійською
7 answer: Я розумію українську мову
8 answer: Я розумію англійською
9 answer: Так, я говорю і розумію англійську мову