Introduction to Ukrainian: Lesson 3

The word for I want is хочу.

You want to say I want it, so you will write I it want.

1 translation: I want it

2 translation: I don't want

You replace the word це into цього in negative sentences.

Let's try.

3 translation: I don't want it

ти verbs end in ш.

4 translation: Don't you want it?

5 translation: Do you want it?

Remember the infinitive:

6 translation: to speak

What was:

7 translation: I speak Ukrainian

We can apply ю to и rule for the word говорити.

8 translation: Do you speak Ukrainian?

The word for what about is о.

9 translation: I speak Ukrainian. And what about you?

10 translation: I am from England. And you?

11 translation: And don't you speak Ukrainian?

The word for well is добре.

In order to know how to use it, first remember how to say:

12 translation: I want it

The word добре follows the same position as це, and it goes before the verb.

13 translation: I speak Ukrainian well

Answers to Lesson 3

1 answer: Я це хочу
2 answer: Я не хочу
3 answer: Я цього не хочу
4 answer: Ти цього не хочеш?
5 answer: Ти це хочеш?
6 answer: говорити
7 answer: Я говорю українською
8 answer: Ти говориш українською?
9 answer: Я говорю українською. О ти?
10 answer: Я з Англії. О ти?
11 answer: О ти не говориш українською?
12 answer: Я це хочу
13 answer: Я добре говорю українською