Introduction to Luxembourgish: Lesson 5

Lesson Five (Fënnef) - Socialising

If you're anywhere in the world, you'll probably want to know how to make friends. Or get a significant partner.

When meeting someone at a club, you may want to ask them to a dance.

This is Wëlls de mat mir danzen?

Once you have danced, you might want to get a bite to eat. Beforefore buying something, you always want to check the price.

The phrase How much is this? is Wéivill kascht dat?

After you eat, someone needs to pay.

The phrase The lady will pay for everything is Däs Dame bezillt alles
The word Gentleman is Här
The femanine word Däs becomes Dësen when in the masculine form

1 translation: The Gentleman will pay for everything

The part love you from I love you is si frou mat dir

2 translation: I love you

Happy Easter is Schéin Ouschteren
Merry Christmas is Schéine Chrëschtdag
New Year is Niet Joer

3 translation: What is Happy New Year?

Answers to Lesson 5

1 answer: Dësen Här bezillt alles
2 answer: Ech si frou mat dir
3 answer: Schéine Niet Joer