Introduction to Luxembourgish: Lesson 7

Lesson 7 (Siwen) - Numbers!

Hopefully you have noticed, when I write the lesson number I also write it in Luxembourgish. This lesson I will teach you them.

First things first (I’m the realist), you need to to know the name of what you’re learning. !Number is Nummer Now to actually lean them! !-Zero = Null !-One = Eent !-Two = Zwee !-Three = Dräi !-Four = Véier
-Five = Fënnef
!-Six = Sechs !-Seven = Siwen !-Eight = Aacht !-Nine = Néng
-Ten = Zéng
But, just like with adjectives, the number will change depending on the noun. For this example, we’ll use the number Zwee or Two. !Zwee (n) !Zwee (n) - Zwéin (m)
Zwee (n) - Zwou (f)
From now of, there a series of questions. These are just practicing the numbers so if you’ve already done that, you can skip this part. ?1|Eent ?3|Dräi ?3|Dräi ?1|Eent ?4|Véier ?2|Zwee ?4|Véier ?3|Dräi ?5|Fënnef ?1|Eent ?1|Eent ?3|Dräi ?1|Eent ?2|Zwee ?5|Fënnef ?6|Sechs ?10|Zéng ?9|Néng ?7|Siwen ?6|Sechs ?7|Siwen ?6|Sechs ?0|Null ?10|Zéng ?8|Aacht ?6|Sechs ?7|Siwen ?0|Null

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Answers to Lesson 7

1 answer: Zéng