Occidental for English Speakers: Lesson 2

If you want to connect two phrases together in English, we use the word "that". This is called a conjunction.

The word for that is que

Pronounced like "kweh".

Let’s connect some phrases from the last lesson!

1 translation: It is true that you are eating

Now, let’s turn this into a question by changing the word order a bit.

2 translation: Is it true that you are eating

The phrase "is it true that ___" is so common in Occidental, that it has a shortcut!

Is it true that is Esque

You can also think of this word as a simple way to ask a question.

"Esque insert question phrase"

Ask that question again with this shortcut.

3 translation: Are you eating

The word for yes is yes
The word for no is no

You read that correctly :)

4 translation: Yes, I am eating

The word for not is ne

To negate a verb in Occidental, just put "not" in front of it.

5 translation: No, I am not eating

Answers to Lesson 2

1 answer: It es ver que tu manja
2 answer: Es it ver que tu manja
3 answer: Esque tu manja
4 answer: Yes, yo manja
5 answer: No, yo ne manja