Occidental for English Speakers: Lesson 6

Remember the word for "will"? We said that it comes from the word for "to go".

The verb for to go is vader

Think "Darth Vader likes to go".

Sometimes we want to talk about things that are conditional. They may or may not happen depending on something.

The word for would is vell

Just put the word for "would" in front of an infinitive verb.

1 translation: I would go

Remember the word for "something"? Something is an undefined amount of "whats".

To say "anything", we want to talk about an indeterminate amount of "whats".

The word for "anything" is quocunc

The -cunc suffix means an "indeterminate amount" of whatever it is attached to.

2 translation: You would eat anything

The word for to sleep is dormir

Think of a dormitory.

The word for you all / you guys / y’all is vu

This is also the polite version of "you" singular. Think of "you and yours", as in "Happy Holidays to you and yours".

3 translation: You all would sleep

In Occidental, you can string together multiple infinitives.

Literally: "would to want to sleep".

4 translation: You guys would want to sleep

Remember the question shortcut!

5 translation: Would y’all want to eat

The word for food is nutriment

The English words "nutrition" or "nutrients" have the nutri- root.

In Occidental, the verb nutrir means "to nourish".

The -ment ending means "concrete action or its result, or serving to / serving as".

So nutriment means "something that serves to nourish" AKA "food" :)

6 translation: I would make food, but you all would sleep

Answers to Lesson 6

1 answer: Yo vell vader
2 answer: Tu vell manjar quocunc
3 answer: Vu vell dormir
4 answer: Vu vell voler dormir
5 answer: Esque vu vell voler manjar
6 answer: Yo vell far nutriment, ma vu vell dormir.