Occidental for English Speakers: Lesson 10

The verb for to must or to need is dever

This is a very useful word in everyday speech! You will be surprised at how often you speak about things you need / must do.

1 translation: I need to go with you

The word for we is noi

Pronounced like "noy".

2 translation: Why do we need to eat

Occidental will sometimes just accept a commonly understood international word without changing it very much at all.

For a silly example, let’s say we want to steal the word "rock" from the genre of "rock music".

The word for to rock is rockar

3 translation: We will rock you

The word for the is li

Pronounced like "lee". Think of it like the old English "thee".

Remember how to form the past tense for verbs?

4 translation: You guys need to eat because I made the food

The word for to give is dar

Hold out your hand and motion towards yourself while you say "Da me it" (give me it).

The word for type is tip

Pronounced "teep". In English we usually say "type of something", but that’s a quirk of English. Most western languages just say "type something" and Occidental follows this usage.

5 translation: You must give me the apple because it is a type of food

Answers to Lesson 10

1 answer: Yo deve vader con te
2 answer: Pro quo noi deve manjar
3 answer: Noi va rockar te
4 answer: Vu deve manjar pro que yo fat li nutriment.
5 answer: Tu deve dar me li pom pro que it es un tip nutriment