Occidental for English Speakers: Lesson 11

The word for let’s is lass

Have you heard of the French economic term "laissez-faire"? In Occidental it would be "lass far" (let do).

The English "let’s" is a contraction of "let" + "us". So we need to learn that too.

The word for us is nos

"Lass nos" is a common way to introduce an idea for something to do. Add on the infinitive of a verb, and you get a solid plan!

1 translation: Let’s go

The verb for to see is vider

From this word, we can form video, vision, etc.

The word for movie is film

2 translation: Let’s see a movie

The word for before is ante

In Occidental, you can use the word Bon (good) for things like "okay...", "well...", etc

3 translation: Okay, but let’s eat before

The verb for to think is pensar

If you think a lot, you are pensive.

The verb for to finish is finir

To say that something is finished, we can use the past tense as an adjective. Just like in English!

4 translation: Now that it is finished, what do you think

Answers to Lesson 11

1 answer: Lass nos vader
2 answer: Lass nos vider un film
3 answer: Bon, ma lass nos manjar ante
4 answer: Nu que it es finit, quo tu pensa?