Lithuanian Basics: Lesson 10

1 translation: Alive

We’ll be talking the weather now.

Lithuanian for the weather is oras.

Imagine an oracle trying to guess the weather. Now, remember that Lithuanian has no word for the and say:

2 translation: It is the weather.

Trivia point: the same Lithuanian word oras is both used to say the weather and to say air. Perhaps Lithuanians used to associate the two. In any case. There is not much use in the weather if you cannot describe it. So let’s learn to do it:

Lithuanian word for hot is karštas.

Imagine sitting in a hot car to help you remember this. Try describing the weather now:

3 translation: The weather is hot.

Deny that it is hot.

4 translation: The weather isn’t hot.

Okay, now I’ll introduce to you a word which you will never forget if you ever have a blog.

Lithuanian for bad is blogas.

Actually, the Lithuanian word for a blog is also blogas (because it was borrowed from English, of course) - so now there is a bit of a misunderstanding seeing those two words written. I am not sure if blogas to mean a blog is officially accepted but a lot of people say it. Try to say this.

5 translation: The blog is bad.

Let’s get back to weather now. How would you say:

6 translation: The weather is bad.

So much for bad weather, huh? Let’s end on an optimistic note:

7 translation: The weather isn’t bad.

Now imagine you’re talking about your friend who is in the Antarctica or something. Say:

8 translation: The weather is bad but he is alive.

Okay, this does it, then. As you have noticed, this is going to be a short lesson. Do you notice, however, how a lot of these words end in as? That’s what Lithuanian likes sometimes...

Okay, we’ll pick up from here soon.

Answers to Lesson 10

1 answer: Gyvas
2 answer: Tai yra oras.
3 answer: Oras yra karštas.
4 answer: Oras nėra karštas.
5 answer: Blogas yra blogas.
6 answer: Oras yra blogas.
7 answer: Oras nėra blogas.
8 answer: Oras yra blogas, bet jis yra gyvas.