Introduction to Arabic Alphabet:
Lesson 11

By Carl Kenner

There is no way to know whether it ends in ak or ik because they look exactly the same when you leave out the vowels. That said "bintik" or "bintak".

The Egyptian Arabic word for possible or can is mumkin.
The Egyptian Arabic word for from is min.
The Egyptian Arabic word for office is maktab.

The letter M looks like a mouth. A very small mouth though.

Basically it just loops around in a tiny circle. Sometimes the mouth will be open in the top left corner, depending on the font.

But at the end of a word the mouth starts to drool and dribble in a long stream. There is a long vertical line coming down from the left hand side of the M. This is it’s version of the flourishy tail, but it goes straight down. You can think of it as a mouth on the end of a stick if you prefer. The vertical line going down is very distinctive, because other letters don’t have it. But it is only used at the end of a word, or when the following letter can’t link to it.

Here are three M’s in a row, at the beginning, middle and end of a word:


If your web browser is using the Tahoma font, which is quite likely, the last M will not look very typical. It normally has a long straight stick. Other Arabic fonts are better.

What are these words?




Answer: mumkin
Not correct. Please try again.


Answer: min
Not correct. Please try again.