Introduction to Arabic Alphabet:
Lesson 13

By Carl Kenner

The Egyptian Arabic word for sugar is sukkar.

The Egyptian Arabic word for cinema is synema.

The Egyptian Arabic word for name is ism.

The Egyptian Arabic word for tea is shaay.

The Arabic letter S looks like a lowercase English w.

That may seems silly, until you realise that a Greek capital letter Sigma Σ (S) also looks like a W but rotated 90 degrees:


Russian also uses a W to represent S, like this:


And so does Hebrew:


In fact, all alphabets going back to Etruscan, use W for S.

This S is the "silly S", the normal English S in the word "silly", pronounced at the front of the mouth.

At the end of a word, or when it can’t connect to the next letter, S gets a flourishy tail, just like those lowercase i’s (particularly like the N).

What are these words?



Answer: il sukkar
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