Introduction to Arabic Alphabet: 15

You can change the S into SH by adding three dots. That’s the same way we got the TH, using the same three dots. The dots are arranged in the same triangle shape, but they are always over the W and never over the tail. So here is SH:

ﺸ ﺶ

Here are two words you should recognise:


  1. Watch out for the double "a".
  2. In the transcription, you will have a double "j".
  3. This means "my brother".
  4. This is two words, the name of an American corporation (and you have already encountered the second part of that name).
  5. This is the word for "market".
  6. Watch out for the double "l".
  7. The American spelling is "Ghana".
  8. This word is "manager" in Egyptian Arabic.
  9. This is the word for she, similar to the English "hey ya!"
  10. This is the Egyptian Arabic word for Egypt. 
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