Introduction to Arabic Alphabet: 20

There is another letter that looks almost the same as Q, which is F. There are two main differences: the F only has a single dot above it, and the F is lying down flat with it’s feet up, while the q is sitting. So F looks like this:

Notice how F is much flatter than the q.

In the middle of a word, F looks like this:

And at the start, it looks like this:

So here is the word Falafel (with a long aa in the middle):


Notice the "la" in the middle. La doesn’t connect to the letter after it, so the f in the middle looks the same as the f at the beginning.

Here is the word fy (fi) meaning "in":


Can you guess this word, which is the word for farmer (it ends with the breathing on your glasses H):


  1. Watch out for the double "l".
  2. The American spelling is "Ghana".
  3. This word is "manager" in Egyptian Arabic.
  4. This is the word for she, similar to the English "hey ya!"
  5. This is the Egyptian Arabic word for Egypt. 
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