Introduction to Arabic Alphabet:
Lesson 20

By Carl Kenner

There is another letter that looks almost the same as Q, which is F. There are two main differences: the F only has a single dot above it, and the F is lying down flat with it’s feet up, while the q is sitting. So F looks like this:

Notice how F is much flatter than the q.

In the middle of a word, F looks like this:

And at the start, it looks like this:

So here is the word Falafel (with a long aa in the middle):


Notice the "la" in the middle. La doesn’t connect to the letter after it, so the f in the middle looks the same as the f at the beginning.

Here is the word fy (fi) meaning "in":


Can you guess this word, which is the word for farmer (it ends with the breathing on your glasses H):



Answer: fallah
Not correct. Please try again.