Introduction to Esperanto:
Lesson 1

Saluton! Welcome to this free interactive Esperanto course. We’ll start from scratch and teach some Esperanto to you, and then we'll ask you to write certain things in Esperanto in the form below. You’ll need to type in the answers before moving on. Moreover, this course has audio, and you can hear the pronunciation of the Esperanto words and sentences whenever you click on the audio icon next to them, and also when you answer questions correctly.

The Esperanto word for it is ĝi.

This letter Ĝ is one of a few special letters in Esperanto. It represent the sound g in gist (or Jack).

When people write in Esperanto, they usually informally write Gx or gx (depending on whether it is uppercase or lowercase) instead of ĝ if they don’t have ĝ on their keyboard. This also applies to any other letter that has an accent (there are only six in Esperanto). Writing them through an x is called the x-sistemo. You will be asked to write things down in this lesson, and you will be able to write them by using either original Esperanto letters or the x-sistemo.

The English word is (for example, in the sentence she is smart) in Esperanto is estas.

How would you write:

It is Esperanto.

Answer: Ĝi estas Esperanto.
Not correct. Please try again.