Introduction to Lithuanian: 29

Here's one useful tip:

Whenever you have some English words you don’t know how to say in Lithuanian, try adding as or if that doesn’t work - a.

Your chances of getting understood increase.

That’s how a bank becomes bankas, a theatre becomes teatras, a doctor becomes daktaras.

Since Lithuanian has no articles, and it doesn't have to use is, you should be able to say:

  1. "Where" is "kur", and you just ask "where bank?"
  2. Simply "there". Not extremely polite, but good enough.
  3. Literally this would be: "hi. where park? there?"
  4. The word for "not" is "ne". While "ne" does join verbs (becoming "neturėti"), it does NOT join nouns, thus you will be saying literally "it not park".
  5. The word order in this one is "from where you?"
  6. Remember to change the ending of "Amerika".
  7. Remember the words "dirba" and "studijuoja", and work out their "tu" form through following the ultimate rule. Also, no need to repeat the "tu".
  8. You remember that "and" is "ir", right?
  9. It's "daktaras" (some vowel change)!
  10. Remember that "I have to" is "turiu".
  11. Still remember the word "dirba"? Also remember that "ne" goes together with verbs.
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