Introduction to Luxembourgish:
Lesson 1

By campbellfairs

Welcome to a Luxembourgish Lëtzebuergesch Introduction! Quick note, for this cource, you’ll need the character é. If you’re in the UK (Or you use a British keyboard) you can easily get this by pressing AltGr + E (You can also do Alt + Ctrl + E). Otherwise, you can just install a Luxembourgish keyboard. Later on, you will also need the character ä so you might want to download a keyboard anyway.

Luxembourg is a land-locked country in Western Europe. It shares boards with France, Belgium and Germany and is one of the three Benelux countries.

If you speak any of the languages native to Luxembourg’s neighbours, you will find this cource considerably easier.

Lesson One (Eent) - Basics

The word Yes is Jo
The word No is Neen

Yes, No

Answer: Jo, Neen
Not correct. Please try again.

Now let us learn how to greet people.

To say hello you say Salut - (Just like in Fench)
The phrase Good Morning is Gudde Moien
The word Evening is Owend

Using that, how would you say Good Evening?

Good Evening

Answer: Gudde Owend
Not correct. Please try again.

If you’re meeting someone for the first time, you’ll say "Et freet mëch, lech kennen ze léieren"

When leaving someone there are a numer of phrases you might want to use

The words Awar or Äddi mean Goodbye
The phrase Have a nice day is Schéinen Dag nach

Next, we wil be going shopping. The next part will be especially easy if you already speak German

The phrase I buy a hat is Ech kafen en Hutt
The word Donkey is Iesel (Yes, that’s an i at the begining)

Using that, how would you say I buy a donkey? - (Bear in mind that they’re the same gender)

I buy a donkey

Answer: Ech kafen en Iesel
Not correct. Please try again.