Introduction to Luxembourgish:
Lesson 4

By campbellfairs

Lesson Four (Véier) - Emergencies!

If you ever feel that your Luxembourgish skills are deciving you, you may may need to rely on English.

To ask someone if they speak English, you'll say "Schwätzt du Englänner?"
This could be replaced with any language; Franséisch (French), Däitsch (German) or Hollänner (Dutch) as examples.

They are useful if your Luxembourgish isn't that good, but what if you just need help with the odd word?

The phrase "How do you say ... in Luxembourgish?" is "Wéi seet een ... op Lëtzebuergesch?".

Answer the question.

Wéi seet "THE MAN" op Lëtzebuergesch?

Answer: De Mann
Not correct. Please try again.

I don't understand is Ech verstinn net
Please speak slower is Schwätzt wann ech glift méi lues
Please write it down is Schreift et wann ech glift op

Now time for some actual emergencies.

The phrase Call the police! is Rufft d'Police!
Help! is Hëllef!
Fire! is Feier!
Stop! is Stop! or Bleif Stoen!

Now for the real emergency;

The phrase Where's the toilet? is Wou ass d'Toilette