Introduction to Norwegian:
Lesson 15

Now we know all the main pronouns: jeg (I), du (you), han (he) and hun (she), vi (we), dere (you guys) and de (they). We are merely getting started, though.

Norwegian for to want is å ville.

I want to have it, therefore it is my ville to have it.

You would expect it to become jeg viller for I want, but in fact there is an exception with this word. This exception works in our favor, though, because the word becomes even more like the one we have in English: vil.

If you want to say I want to have it in Norwegian, you don’t have to say the word to (which was å in Norwegian) anymore, so you say I want have it.

Try to say it:

We want to have it.

Answer: Vi vil ha det.
Not correct. Please try again.

We don’t want to be here.

Answer: Vi vil ikke være her.
Not correct. Please try again.

I want to be Norwegian.

Answer: Jeg vil være norsk.
Not correct. Please try again.