Introduction to Norwegian: 45

This ends our lessons for now. Let’s now have a simple Norwegian conversation to test our knowledge. Imagine a Norwegian car driver is at a job interview. Use hei for hi/hey/hello, and also know that Norwegian for Norway is Norge.

  1. Do you remember that "hi" was "hei"? Also, you are asking "how have you it?" (Remember that "how" was "hvordan".)
  2. You are saying "I have it good, thanks". Moreover, "morning" was "morgon".
  3. The same word order as in English. "From" was "fra", and where was "hvor".
  4. Norway was "Norge".
  5. Literally: "No, I speak not English."
  6. This sounds similar to "whatfor?"
  7. Your car comes with a bill, remember?
  8. Be careful to use "en" and "et" where appropriate.
  9. You will be saying "the car", thus add the right article to end the word.
  10. Use the word "være" for "be". Be careful as to whether you use "det" or "den".
  11. This is, remember, literally "have it good". Use the word "bra" for "good".
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