Introduction to Portuguese Topic- Future Subjunctive:
Lesson 3

By Linas

This is just to bring the future subjunctive altogether. Before writing your answer, first think about whether the situation is certain (you don’t use the future subjunctive) or if it’s not (you do use it).

Let’s try some examples.

I will go home now.

Answer: Irei para casa agora.
Not correct. Please try again.

Inform me, when he leaves.

Answer: Informe me, quando ele partir.
Not correct. Please try again.

Now, speak informally.

You will be able to have it if you (will) want it.

Answer: Poderes tê-lo, se o quiseres.
Not correct. Please try again.

Let’s now see somebody talking about his dreams. A doctor is médico and you do not say I am a doctor but you say I am doctor in Portuguese.

When I’ll be a doctor, I will talk to you

Answer: Quando eu for médico, eu falarei com você.
Not correct. Please try again.

Finally, imagine you are talking to a group of close friends.

When you all will be able to write this, you will speak Portuguese.

Answer: Quando vocêis puderem escrevê-lo, falarão português.
Not correct. Please try again.

That’s it for future subjunctive. Have fun. :)