Introduction to Russian:
Lesson 18

Russian for he is он.

Should you want to make it into she, you just add the letter that is pertaining to the feminine gender in Russian to the end: а. Thus:

she is она

Both words он and она have the same form which is:

To make you do into he/she does, you change шь to т. For example, говоришь would change into говорит.

So, for example, хочешь. You change шь into т and you get:

Russian for wants is хочет.

Try this yourself with changing говоришь (you speak) and понимаешь (you understand):

She speaks Russian.

Answer: Она говорит по-русски.
Not correct. Please try again.

He understands the Russian language.

Answer: Он понимает русский язык.
Not correct. Please try again.